​Helping You Maximize Your Silage Growing Potential

Milk MaxThe Hubner Seed team knows that you need more than just products that benefit the high-producing milk cow – you also need the characteristics that fit your environment for a successful crop. Through local research and third-party test results, our Milk Max Silage Research program helps us determine the best-performing silage products for your operation. These products are selected for their silage quality, yield potential and ability to enhance a high-producing cow’s dairy ration. Comprised of five distinct components, our MilkMax Silage Research program increases the likelihood of your success with products tested to perform on your farm and rewards you for participating in the program.

Raising the Standard

With MilkMax 2.0, you can count on more than just corn products that support greater silage nutrition. You can also count on a complete group of products designed to fit your environment and soil type – and your nutritional goals, too. To accomplish this, we’re requiring that all new silage products must average at least 3,400 lbs of milk/ton and 33,000 lbs of milk/acre in order to qualify as a certifiedMilk Max SilageCorn Product.

By raising our minimum standards, we can ensure that dairy farmers know what milk potential to expect from your silage products before you select your seeds for the next planting season.

2017 Milk Max Silage and Research Results and Reports

The 2017 Research Results and Plot Reports are in! Click below to download a PDF of the report.

Milk Max Report 
To learn more about Milk Max Silage Research and our silage products, contact us.


Milk Max Registered Products

Milk Max Registered Products

You need to grow silage that provides strong agronomic performance and excellent nutritional feed value. That’s why we’ve designated a select group of Hubner Seed corn brands as our Milk Max Registered Silage Products, chosen because of their premium nutritional performance in a variety of categories:

  • DM Yield
  • IVSD-7 (starch digestibility)
  • Starch
  • % NDFd30 (fiber digestibility)
  • Lignin
  • uNDF240
  • Milk/Ton
  • Milk/Acre
  • Field Fit Approved.

Congratulations to Our 2017 Milk Max Partners! see a list of the top 100 Milk Max Rewards winners here.


With our ongoing silage research, we are able to share with our growers how the products they plant can perform as a component of the feeding ration. Our goal at Hubner Seed is to deliver strong performing silage products for better silage yield potential, with nutrient values that enable strong production levels. It's just on​e way we show our commitment to providing Hubner Seed growers with products fit for their specific operations.​​​​