​Helping You Maximize Your Silage Growing Potential

Milk MaxThe Hubner Seed​ team knows that planting the right silage products is crucial to successful dairy farming. Our Milk Max℠ Silage Research provides well-rounded, relevant results by testing products on actual farms and reviewing third-party nutritional analyses submitted by growers in the East. These research results allow us to deliver a line of products that is chosen for its silage performance and grain-producing capabilities. Supervised by our dairy nutrition manager with 10 years of experience in corn silage nutrition, we provide customized planting recommendations for products that produce optimum yield potential, forage value and profit opportunity for your dairy farm in the East.

High Quality Silage with the Tonnage You Need

Silage is an important high-energy forage for dairy cows that can make a big difference in your production goals. The extra nutrients and higher starch digestibility can help your operation produce more milk per ton and more milk per acre. Fit for your specific fields, Hubner Seed silage corn products are developed to help you get the feed you need, with high-quality tonnage and high-energy content.

Milk Max Registered Products

Milk Max Registered Products

We know you need to grow silage that provides strong agronomic performance and excellent nutritional feed value. In order to deliver the best silage products for your dairy operation, we plant a variety of products across the East Coast at our Hubner Seed test plots. We evaluate test plot results along with third-party research results to designate an elite group of products as Milk Max Registered. These Milk Max Registered products are chosen because of their premium performance in a variety of categories: starch, % dNDF30, lignin, net-energy lactation (NEL), starch digestibility, milk per ton and milk per acre. All our silage products have been Milk Max Registered, which means they have been carefully selected for your specific growing environment to help maximize your milk production and get the most out of your silage operation.

Current Hubner Seed customers may qualify for a seed discount by participating in Milk Max Rewards. milkmax rewards.png
Customers must send a Milk Max silage sample to a thirdparty laboratory that will provide nutritional results on the analyzed sample. If a grower’s silage sample produces more than 30,000 pounds of milk per acre, he/she will receive a discount offering of $1 per unit for every 1,000 pounds over 30,000 pounds of milk per test results. 

Congratulations to Our 2017 Milk Max Partners! see a list of the top 100 Milk Max Rewards winners here.


With our ongoing silage research, we are able to share with our growers how the products they plant can perform as a component of the feeding ration. Our goal at Hubner Seed is to deliver strong performing silage products for better silage yield potential, with nutrient values that enable strong production levels. It's just on​e way we show our commitment to providing Hubner Seed growers with products fit for their specific operations.​​​​

2016 Milk Max Silage and Research Results and Reports

The 2016 Reports are in! To download a PDF of the report from your region, select below.

To learn more about Milk Max Silage Research and our silage products, contact us.