On Farm Testing for Real Farm Success:
Locally Tested, Locally Proven​

Field FitAt Hubner Seed, we know that farming in the East presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Since 1972, we have been focused on partnering with farmers like you to increase yield performance, decrease risk and inc​rease your profit potential. Through our Field Fit℠ agronomy program, we are able to test an elite group of products for dependability in local, real-world conditions in the East.

We carefully review and select products to be tested on our Field Fit partner plots, which are made up of varying soil types and environmental conditions. These products are planted, observed and evaluated at key times throughout the season for their ability to produce strong, consistent yields. Currently, we have partners across eight states that provide us with local insight that is essential in verifying products that are "fit" for eastern soil. Through our Field Fit partner plots – which are part of our larger network of plots in more than 260 locations in the East – we are able to offer products that can withstand stress and can deliver a higher, more stable yield, which means more profit potential for you.

Tested and Proven in the East.

High yields are important. But in the East, we know that high yields alone are not enough. To have a successful season, you need to plant products that have also shown consistent yields. That's why, through our unique Field Fit program, we add an additional layer of data, targeted to eastern soils, and helps us make better on-farm placement recommendations. Products are evaluated for their ability to withstand stress, avoid the low floor and produce consistently strong, stable yields.

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