Growing Together. Growing Forward.
Eleven Bayer seed brands are joining forces to launch the enhanced Channel® seed brand.

Field-Proven Precision Breeding

At Hubner Seed, we are dedicated to providing elite products that perform in the East. We tap into our leading germplasm from around the world to find the genetics that meet your local needs so we can choose the best products for your fields.

    Broad Germplasm

    It all starts with plant breeding. Germplasm is the building block for better products. When beginning the breeding process, we start with a large genetic pool of possible products, narrow them down in less time, and test more high-potential top performers in fields like yours.

    Pre-Commercial Testing

    In this phase, we begin selecting the products to undergo local testing. We use local breeding and technology development plots to understand early product potential and determine which products perform best under differing agronomic conditions.

    Local Testing

    Pre-commercial Hubner Seed adds a layer of local testing, the Field Fit program, and tests those products that have been identified as having strong Eastern performance. With the help of our plot cooperators, these products undergo intense testing to make sure we identify those products that meet your needs and are a true “fit” for farmers within the Hubner Seed footprint.

    Adding to the Hubner Seed Product Lineup

    Finally, along with harvest data, we compile field observations and data from Hubner Seed advisors and farmers to select only those products that meet the Field Fit standards. These products are introduced each year in our Hubner Seed Field Fit agronomy program, and those that meet the rigorous standard end up in our product lineup.

    A map detailing Huber product plots

    Farming in the East is Unlike Any Other Region

    Your agronomic conditions are unique and often challenging. At Hubner Seed, we know because we continue to test our products in plots across eight eastern states. But that’s only the beginning. We draw another layer of data through our Field Fit agronomy program, operating as part of our broader network of plots. Specifically targeted to your Eastern soils, these plots inform our recommendations to provide you with optimal performance and profit potential.

    "I tried Hubner Seed™ a few years ago, and it has earned a place on my farm. The products are healthy and consistent. Today I am 100% a customer for corn and beans."
    Bryan Zeiset Farmer, Ephrata, PA

    Locally tested and proven in fields like yours.

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