The Hubner 2022 Planting Guide

Let’s make #Plant22 great

We invite you to use the Hubner 2022 Planting Guide as a resource from the moment you start thinking about planting until your last crop comes out of the ground. Here, you’ll find helpful articles, timely information and trusted expertise from local Dealers and Technical Agronomists. It’s everything you need all in one place to help you finish this season strong.

Differences in Starter Fertilizer

Starter fertilizer can help seedling corn plants become established by providing nutrients close to the seed. Placement at planting is crucial because of the potential for seed and root injury by the salts contained in the products.

Selecting Traits for Corn Insect Management

Historically, corn products were selected based on their performance across multiple locations and years as well as the desired end use of the product (grain, silage, ethanol, food grade, etc.). However, with the advent of insect protection traits in corn, selection of the correct product also needs to include above- and below-ground insect control.

Data-Driven Breeding

Our field-proven precision breeding program thoroughly evaluates products based on the latest science.

Insect Forecast Alerts

We provide helpful tools you can use year-round to manage threats and protect your bottom line.

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